Study Guide/ Quiz

Study Guide/ Quiz


Complete the following study guide of key course concepts) by Thursday with your partner. Use only your readings and notes to complete all questions in your own words. You may refer to your readings and notes, but you may not research the answers online or discuss them with colleagues. Upon completion, please post it to the DB before Thursday’s class.

DEFINITIONS: Define or explain the following terms and give examples/ citations from readings wherever possible:

  1. Ethnocentrism
  2. Cultural Relativism
  3. Material and non-material culture
  4. Colonialism. Deconiality
  5. Imperialism/ Neoimperialism
  6. Multiculturalism
  7. Globalization (if it can’t be defined, cite the readings)
  8. Globality
  9. First/ Third World/ Developing Countries
  10. Identity
  11. Privilege
  12. Service
  13. Saviorism
  14. Soca


  1. Discussion: Answer any 3 of the following in a paragraph each:
  2. Name 5 elements of culture with examples from Trinidad.
  3. Compare and contrast cultural, economic and political globalization. What is the nature of the relationship between them? To what extent are the same factors driving these two processes? Can you think of possible examples in which the one might impede the other?
  4. Using the Buddhist bling scholar parable, offer your analysis of the Globalization faculty panel on February 16th.
  5. What narratives, stories and realities are hidden or suppressed by the mainstream definitions and understandings of globalization?
  6. What are some complex effects, advantages and disadvantages of globalization?
  7. What is the colonial history of Trinidad and how might it impact the present?


III. Complete the following on-line globalization quiz:


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