Course Schedule*

Course Schedule*



Date Topic Reading/Assignment/Event
Tues, Jan 10 Introduction to the course &

Learning Community


Naming Stories (DB Post #1)

Claim an Education, Adrienne Rich

Thurs, Jan 12 Going “Global”  A Small Place (excerpts: Up to page 37)

Begin Course Journal

Learning Objectives (DB Post #2)

Tues, Jan 17 Journeys: Why we travel The Mindful Traveler and/or To Hell with Good Intentions

Why We Travel (Pico Iyer)

Mindful Travel (DB Post #3)

Thurs, Jan 19 Ethics of travel  Poverty Tourism

The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems

The “Third World” Is Not Your Classroom

Voluntourism (film)

Voluntourist Dilemma

Stereotypes & Comfort Zones activity (DB Post #4)

Tues, Jan 24 Identity: Self, Culture, “Other”:


Excerpts from A Small Place (pages 37 to end)


The Joy of Culture: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Appreciating Cultural Diversity, Basirico and Bolin

Explore Your Cultural Baggage exercises (continue after class)

Thurs, Jan 26 Our Identities and Cultures:




Body Ritual among the Nacirema

Identity Mapping & Web of Connection activity (DB Post #5)

“White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

Meet in small groups  Cultural Dynamics Trinidad Unlike Any Other

Cultural Appropriation 

Why Cultural Exchange? Appropriation?

Continue Privilege & Cultural Baggage activity reflection (post on DB #6)

Tues, Jan 31 Cultures and identities (continued) Identity Mapping (follow-ups from last week)

Loomba reading (definitions and concepts)

Saviors and Superiority

Thurs, Feb 2 (Neo) Colonialism/imperialism:


The Wretched of the Earth, Fanon

A Neocolonial Warp of Outmoded Hierarchies, Curricula and Disciplinary Technologies in Trinidad’s Educational System (2016) (Revisit)

Sun, Feb 5  Required “Life & Debt” Film Screening at 5 p.m.

(Our class required to attend)

Tues, Feb 7  Cultures: Trinidad  In the Minor Key by Ramabai Espinet OR

Limbo Island by Merle Hodge

Excerpts from Trinidad

& Tobago: Cultures of the World

Trinidad and Tobago Facts and Culture

Life & Debt Reflection Paper due (post on DB)

Thurs, Feb 9 Peoples: Trinidad  Understanding the Gender Spectrum

Party Done & Video

Trinidad Noir excerpt — special session facilitated by Ishara Agostini

Class Social — Enjoy a star gazing & dessert evening on Monday, February 13th at 7:00 pm

Tues, Feb 14 Communities: Trinidad Identities revisited (Manyinka and Cisneros) & Identity, Inclusion & Power

Chapter 1. “Douglarization” in Trinidad

Matelot, Dane Morton Article on Matelot

Emancipation Day

Thurs, Feb 16 Revisit: Why we travel to Trinidad Read at least 3 articles about Trinidad from the Resources section of the course syllabus & View videos

Read this Blog Post on Why Travel Now

Pre-travel Advising Meetings with Dr. Sethi/ co-leaders

Set intentions, goals, personal and group agreements (Submit Travel intentions by email to Dr. Sethi before 2/16)

Post Trinidad News story analysis to DB (2/18)

Tues, Feb 21  Trinidad  Scotties Guide (group presentations) — “Culture”: Art, Music & Cuisine &

Contemporary Social Issues (read all Guides posted on DB before class)

Center for Global Learning staff visit class 

Thurs, Feb 23  Trinidad  Scotties Guide (group presentations) — Histories, Laws & Economy  (read all Guides)

DB Entry on Identities & Travel due (2/23)

Special Self-Care Plan & Packing session

Tues, Feb 28   Pre-departure Orientation


Required Session via Skype with Amizade

Lessons I learned TEDX

Please Read the Amizade Handbook Before Class

Global Learning Contract/Travel Agreement Due. Sign all documents.

Thurs, Mar 2 Pre-travel workshops  American Travel Warnings

Identity Inclusion and Power

Travel Guide Page for 2015 Trinidad Global Awareness

Friday, Mar 3rd

Mar 6-Mar 10

Special Class Activity

Travel week

 Required Pre-Departure Session with Dr. H. Williams from Gettysberg College (read about him at
Readings: NeoColonial WarpPostcolonial Structural Violence: A Study of School Violence in Trinidad and Tobago (2013)TRINIDAD
Mar 13-Mar 17 Spring break
Tues, Mar 21  Bringing Global Home  Slimbach Readings: The Transcultural Journey

The Journey Home

Re-entry class reflections on lessons learned

Complete post-travel reflection and meet Dr. Sethi

DB Entry Elevator Speeches  & Post-travel reflections

Thurs, Mar 23 Journeys revisited Common Re-Entry Session

Read the articles sent by e-mail & DB Elevator Speech entries

Study Guide: Midterm due (hard copy)

Tues, Mar 28 Documenting our learning The Journey Home Discussion & Review Syllabus

Start common assignment: Reflective mapping (D-center guest)

DB entries — complete the Service, Trinidad News reflection assignments

Share photos, memories, video footage (google drive)

Thurs, Mar 30 Identity and Culture: 

Multicultural Identities in Trinidad

Revisit Excerpts Douglarization (29-50)Excerpts from (Trinidad chapter) Global Multiculturalism

Class discussion (refer to handout extra journal excerpt on Multiculturalism)

DB Entries (Service)

Tues, April 4 Now What? Lessons and Observations

in (Neo)colonialism Saviorism Service

 The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems

Service Trips?

European Slave Trade

A Neocolonial Warp of Outmoded Hierarchies, Curricula and Disciplinary Technologies in Trinidad’s Educational System (2016)

 Outside of Class Social Activity (Attend Writers Fest events this week)
Thurs, Apr 6 Now What? Anti-Colonial/ Decolonialism Anti-Colonial Ideas

Equity? Equality?


DB Deep Culture Reflection due & Bring your Study Guides/ Activity to class

Tues, Apr 11 Where do we go from here?

Global Activisms

Debriefing with Amizade via Skype — read each others’ DB entries

Global Service Learning  (read 2 articles on this link and watch the video)

Fair Trade Learning (read Amizade mission statement)

Thurs, Apr 13 Globalization/

Global Trends

Globalization a Contested Concept & The Cultural Dimension of Globalization, Steger

The noble feat of Nike

Revisit Life & Debt

DB Globalization Activity assigned April 18

Tues, Apr 18 Multi-Cultures & Hybridity in Globalization


Revisit A Small Place: Is Matelot Paradise?

Trinidad’s Global/ Cultures: Global Colonial   & Trinidad Economic Globalization

DB Entry on People Matter Globalization due

Read any 2 Resources you have not read yet & Watch this short film

Thurs, Apr 20 Global Futures?

(re)Defining Global Citizenships

Half the Sky Chapter 10 & 14

Beyond Good Intentions

Decolonize Activism

South UP Map

Revisit the Journey Home

DB Entry: Redefining Global Citizenship due April 30 (refer to global learning contract for outline)

Tues, Apr 25  Global Lessons Excerpts from No More Heroes


Actor Ally Accomplice — recreate this chart

Thurs, Apr 27 SpARC & Final Projects Presentation of common assignment (not during class time)

Class will meet as usual — we will review progress on Final Projects

Tues, May 2  Collective Global Learning Final Project Presentations & Reflections
Thursday, May 4 Reading Day  NO Class
May 5-May 10 Final Exam Period  All final assignments and Final Study Guides due

(Guides can be submitted any time after May 5th but before the 10th)

*This schedule is open ongoing to revisions