Weekly Reminders

Weekly Reminders

Dear GBL 102O:
Here are a few class-related reminders to keep in mind:
Readings and topics this week:
Please note the updates.
Tues, April 4 Now What? Lessons and Observationsin (Neo)colonialism Saviorism Service  The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s ProblemsService Trips?

European Slave Trade

A Neocolonial Warp of Outmoded Hierarchies, Curricula and Disciplinary Technologies in Trinidad’s Educational System (2016)

 Outside of Class Social Activity (Attend Writers Fest events this week)
Thurs, Apr 6 Now What? Anti-Colonial/ Decolonialism Anti-Colonial IdeasEquity? Equality?


Revisit A Small Place: Is Matelot Paradise?

DB Deep Culture Reflection due & Bring your Study Guides to class

Looking ahead:
A few minor changes have been made to the reading/ topics to reflect recent class discussions.
Please note that your Service letters will be shared with Amizade, and Brandon Blache-Cohen has confirmed that he will Skype with us on April 18th to discuss our experiences and questions. Please prepare for this session by reading each others’ DB entries and completing all the assigned readings for that session.
GBL 102 Digital Assignment — After uploading your photo to the Album shared with us, draft your caption to explain what this photo means and how it relates to any of the core course themes: colonialism, globalization, why travel and identity/ culture. This assignment is due by April 22nd, and will be graded using the attached rubric. This is 5% of your total grade and no extensions are available. Please read the instructions from our digital tutor or send her any questions you may have.
Discussion Board entries:
Your next entry is due on Thursday and it is about “deep culture.”
The critical reflection component of the class in which you are able to make clear connections and think deeply about issues lapses if we don’t do these entries. Since I am not actually evaluating your journals, the discussion board is your chance to show how you are thinking about these topics.
Any past due entries are due by today in order to avoid any penalties.
If you have not posted regularly or on time in the Discussion Board, your participation/ attendance grade will be impacted.
Following up from last class:
If you have further suggestions or issues to process after last class, I suggest you do any of the following:
Issues related to our class directly — Please meet with me. Send an e-mail to schedule a meeting time or in office hours every Tuesday from 2-3 p.m.
Issues related to Summit/ overall Journeys: Please meet with Elaine Meyer-Lee (Director of Summit and Center for Global Learning).
Concerns related to diversity and inclusion:
Contact Dean Kijua Sanders-McMurtry, Ph.D. (or Kristian Contreras )
Associate Vice President and Dean for Community Diversity 
Gay Johnson McDougall Center for Global Diversity and Inclusion
Mental health support: CAPS Scheduling form here.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
See you tomorrow,

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