March 21st reminders

March 21st reminders

Meet in Class on March 21

Meet in other section on March 23rd — See email from Center for Global Learning with room/ section assignment. To prepare, this about these

Common Reflection Questions:



  • Can you describe an aspect of globalization you witnessed during your travel? Would you describe it as positive or negative?
  • One of the learning goals for this course is to reflect on the different impact of globalization on dominant and marginalized cultures. Which situation during your journeys trip would you pick as an example for that? What did you learn about the different experiences?
  • Which experience/encounter was most challenging for what you consider your own ethics, values, and assumptions? How have you dealt with it during the journeys, how are you thinking about it now?
  • How has the journeys immersion shaped your self-image as a learning traveler/traveling learner? Can you describe any immediate and/or more long-term impacts this experience has on your learning?



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