Course Schedule

Course Schedule


Date Topic Readings & Activities Assignments/ Activities
Week 1 August 23 No Class Syllabus Review course materials
Week 2 August 30 Overview & Introductions Claim an Education, Adrienne Rich

Teaching to Transgress, bell hooks (chapters 1 & 8)



Set course intentions & agreements

Begin Weekly Reflection Journal

Week 3 September 6 Girls’ Education Globally:

Stories and Narratives

The Red Pencil

I am Malala (excerpts)

Girl Power in the Age of Millenials (excerpts), Christine Horansky

Social Identity Mapping

Gender Equality Quiz

Week 4 September 13 Definitions & Theoretical Frameworks: Gender & Education Looking at the World through a Gendered Lens: Feminism and Global Studies, Ann J. Cahill (chapter 9 of Understanding the Global Experience)

Gender and Education for All: Setting the Scene (chapter 1), Elaine Unterhalter

Recontextualizing Gender Studies in Education (linked below)

Film – To Educate a Girl

(Uganda & Nepal)

Create Study Guide — terms and definitions

Week 5 September 20 Why Girls & Women Matter (International Development) “Girls Count: A Global Investment and Action Agenda.” Chapter 1-3. Girls_Count_2009

Paradise Beneath Her Feet by Isabel Coleman. Random House 2010.

Why Women Matter

Under Western Eyes, Chandra Mohanty

Part 1 of Biographical Project due

(in class)

Week 6 September 27 Gender Studies/ Gaps in Education Globally Global Gender Gap Report 2015 (Read pp. 3-49 & select country profiles for your region for midterm project)

(Re)contextualising Gender Studies in Education (review)

EFA Gender Summary Report (Read Part 1 & skim Part 2)

Atlas of Women in the World 2002 & 2009


Closing the Gender Gap

Week 7 October 4 Mapping Global Gender Inequalities in Education Midterm

Read selected Resources

Midterm Project Due

Presentations & View film in class

October 6 Fall break: No class  Read 3 resources
Week 8 October 11 Bridge: From Interventions to Social Change The Art of Social Change

Feminist Formations (Gender Equity & Global Education and Development Agenda)

Education Only for the Few, the Lucky and the Privileged

What Is Mix It Up At Lunch Day?

 Film/ TED talks

Class activity: Literacy

Week 9 October 18 Why Women’s Education? Rationales and Benefits


Keeping the Promise: Five Benefits of Girls’ Secondary Education, by May A. Rihani

Schooling Women and Girls: A Means, not an End, Elaine Unterhalter (chapter 3)

Boys and Masculinities in Education


Global Village Project

Mix it Up Lunch 11:30-12:45 pm

Week 10 October 25 No Class Research/ Interview Day

La Prieta 

Read 3 articles from the Resources Section and post a reading response about them.


Week 11 November 1 Solutions

#Movements for Education

#Girl Rising

#Girl Effect

What Works in Girls’ Education (chapter 4)

Boys and Men in Education

Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? by Lila Abu-Lughod

Film: Girl Rising (view before class)

Friday 10/28 Time: 11:45-1:30p.m.

Part 2 of Biographical Project due

Week 12 November 8 Global Education Interventions Girls Schooling, Gender Equity, and the Global Education Agenda, Elaine Unterhalter

Gender, Education and Development, Christine Heward et al

Role of Education In Social Change, by Miss. Namita P.Patil

View before class:

Girl Rising

Week 13 November 15 Unintended Consequences:postcolonial Critiques Review: Under Western Eyes. READ: Revisited, Chandra Mohanty

The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems and The “Third World” Is Not Your Classroom by Courtney Martin

 Critical Perspectives in Education (Chapters 1 and 24)

Film (view before class):

Schooling the World (parts 1-3)

Week 14 November 22 Alternatives and Ethics: Gender and Education What if Engaged, Activist Scholarship is a Moral Imperative?

Are we more interested in feeling good than doing good?

Children Educate Themselves IV: Lessons From Sudbury Valley, Peter Gray

Freedom to Learn, Carl R. Rogers

Sudbury Valley School-Focus and Intensity (Video)

View before class:

The Voluntourist (documentary)

Presentations/ peer discussion on 3-part biographical projects

Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving break: No class  Read 3 resource articles & Review Key Concepts and Definitions   View film

Schooling the World in entirety

Week 15 November 29 Towards Global Citizenship & Engagement Beyond Good Intentions

To Hell with Good Intentions

Innovation (Lessons from the Global South)

Half the Sky Chapter 10 & 14

The Feminist Wire

Written — Parts 1, 2 & 3 Of Biographical Project due
Week 16 December 6 Reading Day
December 8-12  Reflection Gathering Global Learning Reflections All Assignments Due

*This schedule is open ongoing to revisions.