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Topics include global learning, anti-racist pedagogy, culturally sustaining teaching


Gayatri Challenges You to Elevate Your Work

“Gayatri Sethi is an absolute gem of a mentor. Working with Gayatri on my last book was not simply a process of handing her my manuscript and awaiting feedback. It was a long-term collaboration that helped me develop a stronger understanding of how my writing can work to subvert white supremacy in mainstream publishing. Gayatri is both a critical reader and a compassionate one. Working through a supportive lens, Gayatri challenges you to elevate your work both in literary style and inclusivity. She is acutely tuned into issues of diversity and representation in the literary world and this is beautifully conveyed through her feedback, creative counseling and mentorship.
I firmly believe that my work would not be what it is today without Gayatri’s guidance.”

Jasmin Kaur (Author of When You Ask Me Where I’m Going)

My Work Would Not Be What It Is Today Without Gayatri’s Guidance

“My novel was finished and fairly polished when it reached Gayatri’s hands. At this point, it had already been through one edit from my press’s editor, as well as another edit from a sensitivity editor. I felt there was little left for Gayatri to do, but after having several conversations with her about the manuscript, something told me that I should hire her. 

From page one, I knew I had made the right choice. Gayatri combed through every name, every word, and every phrase, and pointed out even the smallest inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the manuscript. She double checked sources to determine cultural or historical authenticity. She challenged me on making the manuscript as nuanced and exacting as possible. She went beyond telling me what didn’t work, she helped me figure out what did work. I have hired several independent editors in the past. So few have read my pages this scrupulously. 

If I were to show you the “before” and “after” manuscript, you’d notice several very small revisions. But in reality, Gayatri has helped me to craft a brand new manuscript, one that ensures authenticity and cultural continuity. She has brought my manuscript to a place that I couldn’t have myself. I am so grateful for her expertise, and look forward to working with her many more times in the future. I firmly believe that my work would not be what it is today without Gayatri’s guidance.”

Anjali Enjeti, Author

Strength and Assurance

“I turned to Gayatri Sethi for guidance because I trusted her antiracist analysis and decolonized values, plus I knew that she would listen deeply and tailor her coaching to fit my needs as I navigated some major life transitions. In our regular meetings, Gayatri and I would set clear intentions for each week, and she provided honest insights, feedback, challenges, readings, and assignments that helped me get ‘unstuck’, start healing, and move forward. All along this journey, Gayatri was/is a source of light, strength and assurance. I have recommended her to some of my friends and family members, and feel blessed to have her as a role model and friend.”

Melanie Hildebrandt (Educator, learner, activist, mother, anti-racist in progress)

Compassion and Collaboration

“By asking me — the writer — for my concerns, intentions, and aims before offering a culturally-sensitive, coherent, and concise critique, Gayatri centered my creative process. I appreciated her compassion and collaboration.”

Anonymous, Writer

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