Thank YOU

Thank YOU

Edu 320:

Brilliant, thoughtful, and inspiring creative projects! Bravo!

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Here is the handout if you missed it of my parting food for thought:




I had never wanted to surrender the conviction that one could teach without reinforcing existing systems of domination. P. 18


My commitment to engaged pedagogy is an expression of political activism. P. 203


CLAIM: I entered the classrooms with the conviction that it was crucial for me and every other student to be an active participant, not a passive consumer.P.14

DIALOGUE: To engage in dialogue is one of the simplest ways we can begin as teachers, scholars and critical thinkers to cross boundaries, the barriers that may or may not be erected by race, gender, class, professional standing, and a host of other differences. P.130

MUTUAL GROWTH: Engaged pedagogy does not seek simply to empower students. Any classroom that employs a holistic model of learning will also be a place where teachers grow, and are empowered by the process. P.21

CONNECTION: That moment of collective participation and dialogue mean that students and professors respect–and here I invoke the root meaning of the word, “to look at”–each other, engage in acts of recognition with one another, and do not just talk to the professor. P.186

RELEVANCE: All students, not just those from marginalized groups, seem more eager to enter energetically into classroom discussion when they perceive it as pertaining directly to them. P.87

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