Weekly Reminders 2/23

Weekly Reminders 2/23

EDU 320:

Please note the following course-related reminders:


Please ensure that you keep up with the readings assigned for each class. In addition to the children’s books we are reading, the articles on Multiculturalism, Culturally Responsive Pedagogies and global learning are critical to developing sound understandings of the core themes of the class. Many of these readings are in the Google folder shared with you last week.

If you have fallen behind on readings, I urge you to catch up and come to next week’s classes having completed all the articles assigned for the last few weeks.

Monday Book Share:

On Monday, we will do another Book Share. Those who shared last class will not be called upon. Bring your book set in a part of the world you have not visited and your book card so that if your name is pulled out of the bag, you are ready to share.

Wednesday Guest Speaker:

Dr. Dotson from Clayton State University’s Education department will be visiting us on Wednesday. Please complete the reading on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and come prepared to ask questions.


Please be reminded of this class’ attendance policy. If you miss too many classes, there is no good way to catch you up. As you know, each class is designed to be engaging and participatory. If you are not present, you will miss key concepts that neither your colleagues nor I can help you catch up. Please make attendance a priority in order to ensure that your participation and learning are sustained.

Group Projects:

Each practicum project should now be underway with clear guidelines and directives. If any questions emerge, be sure to contact me proactively.

We are expected to attend our group projects next Friday but we will not be in attendance on March 10th due to our Spring break. It is very possible that during our Easter break, the GVP and LSOS groups will also have a day off. I believe the WSA group will need to make arrangements for alternatives.


We do not have any assigned tests or projects due in the week ahead. You are encouraged to work on your Book Cards Set 2, catch up on readings, and plan ahead for the Book Club and other projects due later in March. I encourage you to attend events and book readings at the┬álibrary and Little Shop etc. to support our class’ work there in the upcoming months.


I am available for quick chats before and after class or by e-mail. As I will be leaving for Trinidad with my Journeys class next weekend, I will be particularly busy next week.


Have a restful weekend. Happy Reading!


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